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A Second Chance - Cardi's Story

The afternoon of June 11th started out as any other at the Manning Veterinary Clinic. Four or five crazy puppies running around waiting for vaccinations, a horse with a badly injured leg had just arrived in the parking lot. Shortly after that a young man came rushing through the door with a beautiful one year old Shepherd-Pyrenese X in his arms - she had been run over by a one ton pick up. After assessing her, Dr. McCracken and the team did their best to stabilize the painful dog. X-rays revealed the disheartening truth - Cardi's pelvis was shattered and things were looking grim. Cardi's eyes showed the pain she was in, but they also told us that she was not ready to give up on life quite yet. After a few emotional conversations, where euthanasia was discussed, we ultimately decided to give this kind soul a chance. Because her current living situation was not ideal for rehabilitation or for a physically handicapped dog, it was decided that Cardi would be surrendered to the Manning Veterinary Clinic.

The road to rehabilitation was not easy. Cardi had lost all bladder control, could not reposition herself, and had little appetite, and the medication she was on left her drowsy but comfortable. Eventually we began to see improvement. Initially, Cardi was being "transferred" with a sling, used to support her pelvis and back end while she used her front legs to walk herself. We were performing passive range of motion exercises every day so that she wouldn’t acquire muscle atrophy, along with multiple bandage changes for wound management. As time went on, Cardi was reaching incredible milestones. First she was able to reposition herself. Next she could sit up on her own and eventually one day we came to work and found her standing to greet us. Walking came next, and although at first it was like watching the scene from ‘Bambi’ where he steps on the ice for the first time. As time passed Cardi grew stronger and stronger each day.

Throughout it all, Cardi had two very supportive and loyal friends. Faithfully around 4:00pm every day they would show up to visit, groom, and spoil her rotten. She was brought grilled hamburgers, smokies, fried chicken and ice cream (although this type of diet is not recommended, it was better than her not eating at all!) These two people improved Cardi’s quality of life tremendously. When she would see them come through the door her eyes would absolutely light up. We would like to extend a huge thank you for being so supportive and such good friends to this wonderful dog.

After two months Cardi was finally ready to leave the clinic and on August 11, one of our kind-hearted clients and dear friend, made Cardi a part of her family. Since then (after personally checking up on her a couple times) Pat has reported that Cardi has adjusted extremely well, continues to improve physically and is loving life at her new home on the Coulter ranch. We look forward to seeing Cardi and having her board with us. She has healed well and if you didn't know her history, you would never notice a slight change in her gait. 

We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to Stat Energy Services for allowing us to care for Cardi and for the generous donation towards Cardi's treatment and rehabilitation. It was greatly appreciated!

Cardi Pool