Manning Veterinary Clinic

640 7th Avenue NW
Manning, AB T0H 2M0


Pet Wellness

A comprehensive physical exam is the foundation of your pet's health care. It is critical to the care of all animals - from the very young to "senior citizen" 


Client Services

Click here for more information on the client services we offer, such as microchipping, health certificates for travel, and end-of-life services.

Preventative Maintenance

Click here for more information on preventative maintenance services we offer, and how it can benefit your pet!

Diagnostic Services

When it comes to wellness and medical exams, sometimes what we can't see is more important that what we can.


Anesthesia & Surgery

Our veterinarian and team perform a wide variety of operations to improve the health & well-being of your pet.


Dental Services

Click here to find out why dental care for you pet is important and how it can greatly improve their health!


Equine Services

Click here for more information about the services we offer to keep your equine friends happy and healthy.

Bovine Services

Click here for information regarding the services we offer to bovine producers.

Emergency Services

Emergencies for pets can happen at any time - be it trauma, sudden illness, or a chronic ailment. When your pet encounters an emergency you want a veterinary team that is skilled, experienced and trustworthy - and most importantly, be open and available to provide the care you need, when you need it. 

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Boarding & Grooming

Click here for a peek at our kennel facilities and for more information on our boarding and grooming services.